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Virginia landlord insurance quotes help you, as a rental property investment owner, learn what your options are for protecting your investment. Rental property owners can make big mistakes when it comes to choosing their insurance policies. The wrong type of coverage could mean you have to pay for costly repairs from your own pocket as well as lose income from tenants paying rent. Getting Virginia landlord insurance quotes will enable you to make wise choices about insuring your property, inside and out.

Virginia Landlord Insurance Quotes for the Exterior

The majority of insurance claims are for the structure and foundation of a home. Obviously, with the structure or foundation compromised, the rest doesn't matter quite as much. Protecting a home or rental property from the obvious concerns, though, may not be as obvious as you think.

For example, flood, fire or explosions should be covered, but that does not mean they are included in your policy unless you have specified that you want them. In fact, many people think it is in their policy because they verbally expressed a concern or need for it. Without reviewing the terms of your policy though, you may be quite disappointed to find out you are not covered.

In fact, even if you find out today you do not have the flood coverage you thought you did, it can take up to 30 days for it to go into effect if you add it to your policy. Unfortunately, most policy holders find out once they are trying to file a claim that their policy does not contain the crucial things needed. Getting Virginia landlord insurance quotes means making sure you get what you want, for the premium costs you hope to get.

Another thing you may want to consider when it comes to the exterior coverage for your landlord insurance is to make sure outside buildings are included. Your storage building on the same property may not be included, whether or not it is attached to the main building. Be sure to find out what is included as far the entire property.

Inside the Home

Again, if you are assuming you have fire insurance coverage in your policy, make sure it is written in the policy. Though fire, flooding or other disasters can affect the exterior and foundation, it can also destroy the interior of a home, including the contents. There is a good possibility that the items inside the rental property are not included in the coverage of your policy.

If a fire, flood or water leak destroys the carpeting, furniture, appliances or other expensive details within the home, you may be replacing those by dipping into your own financial savings. Even if your rental property is repaired by filing a claim with your insurance carrier, you won't be able to rent it until you replace the furniture, rugs and appliances within the home. 

Fire in Virginia

Reports indicate that fire is actually the most common claim for many insurance carriers around Virginia. What people tend to forget, too, is that there is more to fire damage than the flames and heat alone. There can actually be a greater deal of costly damage brought on by smoke and water than the fire itself.

When comparing your Virginia landlord insurance quotes, find out how extensive your fire coverage is. Does it include smoke and water damage that may result, as well? Or, does it cover only fire and not explosions? Again, if you have any structures that are on the same property, will they be covered in the instance of a fire that starts there or within the main building on the property?

What Your Deductible Means for Your Policy

For Virginia landlord insurance, as with other states, the deductible does affect the premiums. The lower the deductible, the higher the premiums. This is more a matter of what you think you can handle at the time of a claim, should the need arise. Generally, a lower deductible at the time is easier to manage than the little bit extra per month invested to cover the premiums.

Having to shell out a large sum of money to meet a steep deductible can be very difficult in the midst of a disaster or crisis. In addition to other expenses, not to mention the deductible, you will not be generating rent based revenue in the aftermath of a claim. For some, having the funds to use for other reasons than the deductible may be more important.

Getting Your Quotes

Did you know that 95% of consumers who research quotes through our network of more than 200 insurance companies end up saving money? Makes sense, then, to invest the two minutes it takes to fill out the quote form and receive your quotes. Virginia landlord insurance quotes can show you the way to the best policy and best prices, today.

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