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Montana landlord insurance quotes give you the opportunity to review and reconsider the premiums and coverage of your current policy. Whether you have had a policy for years or just obtained one recently, it is a good idea to do a comparison. Simply accepting the policy you have as “good enough” is not the approach to take for something that is so important. In fact, many people find out after they have to file a claim that their insurance was severely lacking a decent amount of coverage or coverage for issues needed.

Details about Montana Landlord Insurance Quotes

The problem can be that most people assume certain things are covered only to find out too late that they aren't. For instance, if you have made it a point to have fire insurance included, you need to also specifically make sure that includes smoke damage or more serious problems, such as explosions.

For Montana, you need to be sure your policy protects your rental property investment from weather related issues as well. This can be of greater concern if the home is vacant. Without tenants, it can be more difficult to watch for problems.

Accumulated snow or ice from a Montana winter storm can damage a home and roof. Without someone there to report the damage, the problem can worsen over time. Frozen pipes are also another common problem, and the chances of a burst pipe being detected quickly without a renter in the home are slim. The damage over time from a water leak can be devastating.

In cases like this, without the right type of coverage, you would be out the cost of repairs as well as the income from having a tenant. Getting Montana landlord insurance quotes is a way to assure yourself that you are protecting yourself and your investment property from a natural disaster becoming a financial disaster.

Are Your Contents Covered?

While getting your Montana landlord insurance quotes, this is a good time to make sure you are able to include contents insurance if you want it. You can at least get quotes to determine if you would like to have it included in your new policy. Contents insurance covers exactly what it sounds like it would: the items within the rental home. For your rental property investment in Montana, it could be very pricy to replace furniture, appliances or carpeting, just to name a few interior items, should a problem arise.

For example, if that burst pipe does cause leaks and the rugs need to be replaced, that could be quite expensive. Especially if your deductible is high. Or, if someone breaks in and steals belongings from the interior of the house or vandalizes items, it is a good idea to have these things covered.

Paying for stuff like this from out of your own pocket can be a challenge. It can also mean lost rental revenue during the time it takes you to replace these items. So, the longer it takes you to come up with the finances to replace furniture or appliances, the longer the rental home sits vacant.

Factors That Affect Your Premiums

Montana landlord insurance quotes will give you the ability to weigh the pluses and minuses of different policies, costs of premiums and how to best cover your rental property investment in Montana. While price should not be the overall deciding factor on your landlord insurance, it can still play a part in your decision making. There are things that will change the amount of your premiums and you should be thinking about these before you review your Montana landlord insurance quotes.

The deductible is a big factor, of course. The amount of money you want to pay out of pocket at the time of a claim will cause your premiums to be higher or lower. The higher the deductible, the lower the rates. This also means coming up with a sizable amount of money when you do need to file a claim. Keep the amount reasonable and realistic.

The method in which you would like the claim handled is another determining factor in the premium costs. For lower rates, people will sometimes opt for actual cash value (ACV). This means the value determined at the time of the claim takes depreciation into account. On the other hand, paying more for replacement cost value enables you to have items replaced at the time of the claim with a current equivalent of the lost, stolen or damaged items. This may cost a bit more in the premiums, but often means no out of pocket expense at the time of the claim to make up for the different in price fluctuation.

The Bottom Line

Being a wise investor and an informed landlord means knowing and considering your options. Being aware of what you really need in your coverage is one of the best decisions you can make. Getting the quotes is easy, too, and only requires filling out a quote form that takes about two minutes to complete. This enables you to see, from among a network of more than 200 insurance companies, what your options are. It may be surprising to know, but usually about 95% of consumers find they can save money by getting their Montana landlord insurance quotes.


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