Massachusetts Landlord Insurance Quotes

Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes are the best approach to weighing your options and insure that you are getting the best coverage for the best price. It can be easy to settle for coverage just to have a policy in place, but it will also mean settling for whatever form of coverage you have should you need to file a claim. Most landlords may not even truly know what their policy includes, or does not include, until the time comes to file a claim.

Things to Consider about Massachusetts Landlord Insurance Quotes

Many people assume their insurance covers floods only to find out they are wrong. This is not something you want to find out about, after the fact. It may be a surprise to know that 25% of claims for flood insurance are actually from “low risk” regions within the state of Massachusetts.

So, you may even be bypassing having flood coverage in your policy to save some money because you are in one of these low risk areas, but this could be a risky mistake. Besides, the money you think you are saving is not worth the money it will cost you should you have to pay for flood damage out of your own pocket.

Be sure you aren’t settling for coverage that does not include flood, regardless of where your rental property is in Massachusetts. The same should be true for other possible features of your policy like fire, hail, wind or even explosions. Forces of nature and natural disasters are a must when it comes to having all the coverage you need for your Massachusetts landlord insurance.

About Renters

Getting Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes also shows you the options you have in relation to matters that have to do with your tenants. If you get in a legal financial dispute with your renters, will your current policy cover any legal expenses? Also, if you lose rent based income during this period, it is a good idea to find out if your coverage includes lost income.

While many landlords think to get insurance that covers theft and vandalism, malicious damage is another thing to be sure that is included in your policy. While getting your Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes, consider policies that specify that this is included. Malicious damage is different than simple theft or vandalism issues as it is damaged cause intentionally by the renters or evicted tenants.

This is actually a more common problem than you may realize. While normal damage may happen accidentally, some is done on purpose. Both circumstances should be covered by your policy as out of pocket expenses for damages can be very pricy.

Though you can file a lawsuit against a previous renter for damage caused, you should know your policy will cover you in case you cannot collect the money for damages any other way. Also, while the home is being repaired, you will have to have the house vacant which means no rental income. Look for policies that cover a loss of income as a result of doing repairs due to malicious damage.

Understanding Insurance Rates

Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes will demonstrate a good deal of variances in premium costs. There are several factors that can influence the premium rates. One of these is the level of deductible you would like to have. Obviously, the higher the deductible the lower the rates and vice versa. If you go this route, though, make plans to have the amount of the deductible set aside and accessible in an emergency situation.

Often times, when a problem does arise, funds are needed for other details not covered by any type of insurance. Not having enough cash for the deductible or other needs can set back the repair process quite a bit. Spending a little extra on the premiums can make things easier in the long run.

Another detail that can affect the rates is the type of claim you would like to have. The two basic choices are ACV (actual cash value) and replacement cost. Cash value covers the cost of replacing something but takes depreciation into consideration. Replacement value covers the cost of a current version of what is being replaced. ACV is obviously cheaper, but not always worth the savings.

In general, it is a wise idea to compare different aspects, such as these, when looking through Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes.

Getting Your Massachusetts Landlord Insurance Quotes

You should realize, around 95% of consumers who look at and compare landlord insurance quotes end up saving money. That’s because you are getting a range of quotes from a network of over 200 insurance companies. Invest only about 2 minutes and you very well may find a way to get the savings and coverage you want and need. Massachusetts landlord insurance quotes can help you get started saving money and getting better coverage as soon as possible.


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