Louisiana Landlord Insurance Quotes

Louisiana landlord insurance quotes help give you an idea of what kind of coverage, and for what cost, you could have for your investment rental property. Hurricane Katrina was a somber reminder of how much damage a natural disaster can do to a city and its residents. It was a tragedy that remained long after the storm had passed since the repair from Katrina is still an ongoing process to this very day.

Louisiana Landlord Insurance Quotes and Options

It can feel like the details of your landlord insurance policy weren’t even a decision of your own. Either requirements for Louisiana or a “suggestive” agent may have steered you in a direction other than what you wanted. Getting Louisiana landlord insurance quotes reminds you that there are options. You should be able to protect your rental properties without having coverage gaps, unless that is the path you choose to take. You should be able to have a single policy, or at least know that the policies you have cover everything you want and need.

Your insurance policy is intended to cover your rental property investment and should cover everything you want it to. Instead of settling for what you currently have because it is already in place, you should get Louisiana landlord insurance quotes to find out exactly what options are available for you and your rental property. Whether your rental property revenue is side income or your main source of income, you have to certain it is well protected.

Why Coverage Is So Important

Certain reasons for landlord insurance are obvious. You know you want and need to protect your property and investment against forces of nature and natural disasters that can occur in Louisiana, but there is much more than that. Even fire is an obvious reason to make sure you are covered. So, what about theft and vandalism? It is crucial to know that, in the event that something like this should occur, you can repair damage or replace stolen items. Especially homes that sit empty, the likelihood of theft and vandalism increases. If something does happen and your property isn’t covered, you not only lose rental income but you will have to spend money to fix or replace things out of your own pocket.

Actually, your own tenants are another reason you will want and need landlord insurance. If you get into a financial dispute with a renter or if your tenants stop paying rent, you need insurance to help you through. Also, your coverage should also help in instances of damage caused by your renters.

Contents Insurance

As a landlord and property owner you need to consider different Louisiana landlord insurance quotes to get the best contents coverage. That means that the items within the residential or business property will also be covered should something happen, such as fire or theft. There can be a great deal of out of pocket expense when it comes to replacing furniture, major appliances or carpeting, just to name a few of the things contents insurance could cover.

Many people overlook this type of coverage when they sign up for an insurance policy. Then, when something does happen, they are forced to come up with the deductible as well as a good deal of money for the lost contents. All of these expenses, while also losing income from having tenants. You can’t rent a property without replacing the contents, but you also cannot afford to lose the rental based revenue.

The Power of Comparing

When you have the ability to compare quotes, you also have the power to compare carriers. Imagine having the chance to compare over 200 possible insurance companies. This would give you the ability to consider more than just the premium costs. You could find out how other customers have felt about certain insurance agencies. Also, you can learn about whether or not a company is known as being responsible about handling claims properly, quickly and efficiently.

Following Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana, or more specifically New Orleans insurance agencies were put to the test for handling claims. Some made the grade, other companies failed miserably. Getting feedback about how Louisiana insurance carriers take care of their customers, especially after a tragedy of that magnitude, is important before making a decision. Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for and settling for poor customer service in exchange for saving a few dollars usually isn’t worth the gamble or risk.

Find Out How

By taking just about 2 minutes of your time you can gain access to quotes from a source of over 200 insurance companies. You might be surprised to learn that around 95% of consumers who get landlord insurance quotes end up saving money by taking advantage of this research. So take a moment and fill out the quote for and get your Louisiana landlord insurance quotes.


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