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Kentucky landlord insurance quotes online are a free, fast, and easy resource to show you the lowest premiums for your investment property in a few clicks of the mouse, whether you are a rental property owner in Bowling Green, Covington, Florence, Frankfort, Georgetown, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro, Paducah, Richmond, or a smaller town in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Our landlord insurance quotes for Kentucky rental properties takes about two minutes. But a couple of minutes well spent today can pay off in hundreds of dollars of savings in your landlord insurance premiums.

We can deliver the lowest prices because we search two hundred insurance providers to show you what’s available as far as Kentucky landlord insurance available today.

Who Benefits from Our Free Kentucky Landlord Insurance Quotes

If you are a Kentucky landlord with investment property that you rent, you can benefit from our insurance quotes. Every rental owner needs insurance, and we have the best prices you are likely to find online.

As you know, Kentucky rental property is a great investment. Not only can you watch the property value increase over the years, but you can get renters to cover your mortgage for you and even turn a profit. Yet owning property and renting it to tenants is not without its dangers, and that’s what Kentucky landlord insurance policies are for.

Accidents happen, whether due to tenant misuse and abuse, or from uncontrollable forces. Whether you like to think about it or not, your property is always at risk for damage from fire, water, or even complete destruction.

Kentuckians know the many perils that nature can bring their way. Property damage is a real concern, as the Bluegrass state is often victim to severe weather like tornadoes, blizzards, high winds, hail and ice storms. Flooding can also be a major consideration for investment property owners in Kentucky, so it’s important to get the right landlord insurance.

Then there are the usual rental property concerns like fire damage and water leaks to consider.

Your investment property insurance policy needs to be comprehensive enough to protect you from these types of dangers, and with as little expense to you as possible. By using our free quote form, you can discover the best policies available on the market in Kentucky, and at great prices.

Why a Kentucky Landlord Insurance Policy Should Cover More Than Property Damage

There are other issues besides property damage that are important to consider when comparing landlord insurance quotes, including your own items in the building, loss of rental income, and coverage of liability and legal fees.

Though it is, or at least should be, a tenant’s own responsibility to cover their personal items according to the lease, a Kentucky landlord insurance policy can also cover items that you own within the building. Examples would be appliances like ovens, stoves, refrigerators, or possibly even washers and dryers that you might provide for your renters.

Loss of rental income is another factor to consider for your investment property insurance. Should a rental unit be damaged to a great degree, or even destroyed, your renters may have to look for another place to live. The right Kentucky landlord insurance policy will make up for the loss of income until you can make repairs and find more tenants.

Another thing to consider when looking at Kentucky landlord insurance quotes is liability. Should someone so much as trip and fall on an uneven or icy sidewalk, fall down the stairs, or should any other personal injury happen, you could be sued in this litigious society. And if you’re found at fault or have to pay expensive legal fees, the right landlord insurance can cover you.

Kentucky Landlord Insurance Quotes and Flood Protection

As a Kentucky rental property owner, you’ll want to keep yourself safe from potential gaps in coverage, especially flood insurance.Kentucky seems especially prone to floods. Not only low areas, but sometimes even areas that haven’t flooded in years.Flooding is the most common gap in insurance coverage. Most landlord insurance policies don’t cover damage by flooding as a default.Maybe if you have a property in or near Black Mountain, KY, or at another high elevation away from creeks, streams, rivers, and that drains well, you might not need to consider insurance for flooding. But if you own rentals at a lower elevation, near a body of water, or with poor drainage, you should definitely consider adding it. Flooding is the most common and costly type of property damage every year, and it’s better to pay a little extra to have it and not need it than to need it and find out later that your rental property isn’t covered.

Deductibles, and How Much Landlord Insurance You Really Need in Kentucky

A potential error when comparing Kentucky landlord insurance quotes is choosing a deductible that is more than you could actually afford should something happen to your rental property in order to save money on your rental property insurance premium. If you own several different rental properties each with its own policy and some catastrophic event happened in Kentucky that they were all damaged or destroyed, you might not be able to pay all the deductibles for your various property policies.

Under-insuring your investment property is also a potential mistake.

If your Kentucky rental unit is destroyed, you can get enough money from your insurance company to rebuild it from the ground up, but only if your policy is big enough to replace it at today’s construction costs. So make sure to have sufficient Kentucky landlord insurance! Otherwise, you will have to pay the costs of rebuilding yourself, possibly while continuing to make mortgage payments and without renters to help carry the costs of your property.

Save Money Now by Getting Kentucky Landlord Insurance Quotes Today!

By using the form to get free Kentucky landlord insurance quotes, you can compare different policies and prices so you can get the best deal. So please go ahead and fill it out. A couple of minutes right now could save you hundreds of dollars!


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