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Kansas landlord insurance quotes can help you find the best rates for insuring your rental property. Our landlord insurance quotes are free, fast, and good for your rental property in Kansas City, Lawrence, Lenexa, Manhattan, Olathe, Overland Park, Salina, Shawnee, Topeka, Wichita, or any other city or town in the state of Kansas.

Our free, no-obligation Kansas landlord insurance quotes only take a couple of minutes, but those two minutes could help you save hundreds of dollars on your premium.

How? We use a network of more than 200 insurers who cover rental properties so we can provide you with the lowest prices available in Kansas today.

Who Are Kansas Landlord Insurance Quotes For?

If you own rental property in Kansas, you need Kansas landlord insurance. It’s that simple.

Though owning rental property in Kansas or anywhere can be a very smart investment, both for the appreciation of the real estate value as well as for the rental income, owning property – especially rental property – has its perils.

It is impossible to see into the future, and that’s what insurance is for – because accidents happen. Whether it’s by flooding, fire, tornadoes, or water leaks, your property is always at risk for damage or even complete destruction.

Heavy snows, lightning storms, freezes that cause burst pipes, and other weather events can cause property damage, and so can humans. Unruly tenants can cause damage, start fires, or you could be the victim of vandalism.

You need a comprehensive landlord insurance policy to protect you from these kinds of damages to your rental property. Our quotes will help you find the best coverage for you at the lowest price.

Kansas Landlord Insurance Covers More Than Property Damage

When considering different insurance policies for your Kansas rental property, make sure to look at other types of coverage other than damage and destruction of the building itself.

Compare insurance policies to see which ones also cover your personal property in the building. (It should be the tenant’s responsibility to cover their own property).

Also look to see if your insurance policy protects against the loss of rental income. If your rental property in Kansas is either destroyed or damaged enough that your tenants can no longer live in it, they will need to move elsewhere. If you’re not covered by this kind of insurance, you will lose that income while your building is repaired or replaced.

If someone is hurt on your property, you could be liable. And your defense in litigation or trial could bring expensive legal fees, so make sure that if someone is injured on the premises, you and your assets will be protected.

Flood Protection and Kansas Landlord Insurance Quotes

If your rental property is in an area of Kansas known to flood from time to time, like low areas of Kansas City, Manhattan, or Wichita, make sure you compare flood protection when looking at landlord insurance quotes.

Although there are certain types of damages, called default perils, that could happen to any property in Kansas, like tornadoes, fires, and storm damage, other types of damage could fall in a “gap” in your coverage.

The most common coverage gap is flooding. Most landlord insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by flooding by default, so you may want to add it when you’re shopping for a Kansas landlord insurance policy.

If you have property at high elevation in Mount Sunflower, KS and it’s away from creeks, streams, rivers, and drains well, you might not need flood insurance. But if you own rentals at a lower elevation, near a body of water, or with poor drainage, you should definitely consider adding it. Flooding is the most common and costly type of property damage every year, and it’s better to pay a little extra to have it and not need it than to need it and find out later that your rental property isn’t covered.

Deductibles, and How Much Landlord Insurance You Really Need in Kansas

A potential error in buying an insurance policy is choosing a deductible that is more than you could actually afford should something happen to your rental property in order to save money on your rental property insurance premium. If you own several different rental properties each with its own policy and some catastrophic event happened in Kansas that they were all damaged or destroyed, you might not be able to pay the deductibles for your various property policies.

It is also an easy mistake to make, under-insuring your property in order to save a bit of money.

In Kansas, you can receive insurance money to rebuild should your property be completely destroyed by a default peril like a fire. How much money you receive, though, will depend on the extent of your coverage? For that reason, make sure you buy sufficient coverage to rebuild your property at current construction prices, which are bound to go up in the future. If such a disaster does happen, you want to be able to rebuild with few or no out-of-pocket expenses.

Why You Should Get Your Kansas Landlord Insurance Quotes from Us Today!

The problem with calling different insurance agents or looking for different quotes on different sites is that more often than not, you won’t be comparing apples to apples. You want to make sure that the prices you are comparing are for the same types of coverage.

By using our free, easy online Kansas landlord insurance quotes, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’re comparing by price, and then choose the policy that best fits your needs and budget.

Roughly 95% of rental property owners save money, and sometimes considerable amounts, when they shop for insurance policies on our site.

So here’s what you do. Fill out the free, no-obligation Kansas landlord insurance quotes form on this page now. Two minutes of your time could save you hundreds of dollars this year!


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